Studio Rental FAQ:

Do you have any studios available now?
We currently do not have any studios available, but you can request to be added to our studio waiting list by emailing us at:
Is there a minimum term limit for studio rental?
We prefer annual leases, but will consider shorter terms depending on studio availability, as well as your situation. If you need a very short term studio rental for a project, you might consider renting our gallery space for a limited time. 
Are your studios private, or are they separated by walls that do not reach the ceiling?
Our studios are completely private.
What are the access hours to the studio spaces?
Artists have 24/7 access to their work spaces.
How do I get entry access to The B Complex?
The B Complex is a controlled access facility. All gates and common entry doors remain closed at all times unless attended. When you sign a lease, you will receive a code to enter the premises.
Is there an application fee?
No, we do not currently charge an application fee.
What is the process to rent a studio at The B Complex?
You start by filling out and submitting the form at the bottom of the STUDIO RENTAL page. We ask for you to provide a link to samples of your work so that we can understand how you'll be using the studio space. We want to fill studios with active artists who demonstrate the fundamental principles of the art-making process.
Are there community rules/policies?
Yes, The B Complex has adopted community policies, rules, and regulations that are part of all tenant leases. You will receive a copy when you sign your lease.
Can I smoke in my studio?
The B Complex is a NO SMOKING facility, including all building interiors, galleries, and public spaces. Smoking is discouraged on the property, but is allowed in outside areas provided with appropriate disposal receptacles.
Can I bring my dog to my studio?
Dogs are allowed in studios and on the property on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Board. Pets should be attended at all times and on leash and controlled in common areas. There is an off-leash fenced dog run provided on the property. Owners are responsible for immediate clean-up after their animals at all times.

Gallery Rental FAQ:

What type of events do you accommodate in your gallery spaces?
Solo and group art exhibits, dance & theatrical performances, fashion shows, corporate & private events, and film & video shoots. We cannot accommodate raves, dance parties, or musical showcases.
What is your maximum capacity?
What is your parking situation?
Our on-site parking is limited, but there is parking for up to 15 vehicles per event. All other parking must be off-site. We can provide you with the name and contact info of a neighboring property with a fenced-in parking lot and you can contract with them if you want to make additional secure parking available for your guests. On-street parking is legally available on Avon Avenue, 1/4 mile north of The B Complex. Also, the Oakland City MARTA train station has a Murphy Avenue entrance/exit that is 2-blocks walking distance to The B Complex. You might also encourage your guests to carpool or use Uber or Lyft.
Is your event space climate-controlled?
The gallery building has no central heating or cooling systems and you should be prepared to provide your own temporary climate control systems, if necessary, for extreme weather conditions.
What about restrooms?
One on-site restroom is available for use for events with fewer than 50 attendees. You will be responsible for providing a minimum of 1 portable toilet for every additional 50 people in attendance, which shall include delivery, servicing, and removal at your sole expense.
What do I do with all the trash from my event?
All trash and refuse relative to the rental activities shall be collected from the property and removed from the premises (and surrounding, if applicable). Use of our on-site dumpster is by special agreement only and may require an additional usage fee.
Do I need to hire security?
No matter how small your event is, you will be responsible for supplying an identifiable representative of your event to remain at the front gate to welcome guests and monitor incoming/outgoing traffic. For larger events, you will have to provide 1 or more uniformed police officers (depending on the size of event) to adequately monitor the premises and traffic conditions.
Do you offer catering services?
No, we do not offer catering services, but you are welcome to hire your own. We do have a limited quantity of folding chairs and some tables available for your needs, though.
Do I need liability insurance for my event?
Yes. We refer "event helper" special event liability insurance company. A typical cost is $50-$75 for a small event. 
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The B Complex

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